onsdag 21 maj 2008

music & ramblings

so, i finally fixed a playlist! I am happy now. If you don´t like the music, please feel free to just pause it and read on :) As you can see/hear i listen to all sorts of music, i don´t have one favorite i have many :) which is great because my husband loves 80s rock music.

My daughter and husband are going out of town for a long weekend and I am going to meet up with them on friday. But as my daughter packed the ray of sun made her beam :) i just had to snap a few photos.

I don´t know if it is the global warming or what, but we have so many rhubarbs this year. And the are huge! So, as the mom of the house and a person that tries to preserve the few things that acctually are eatable in ones garden, I made 6, yes S.I.X rhubarb pies this afternoon! They are going to be delicious in november :)

I took like a gazillion photos of our first meeting with Dickson and I wanted to so save them, but not in like a minialbum or anything. So, I turned to printing index´s and put them in a file folder I made by just folding a paper. So Inside the brown folder here is some journaling and the index prints. I totally stole the file-idea from the ever so clever Nora.

My daughter is taking a trip this summer. She is going with her grandmother (my mom) to Hungary for 9 days. My mom and dad are both from there and I am thrilled that she is going to see the country. Someday I will go with her and take my husband that hasn´t been either. Anyway, I made a little travel diary for her. Don´t you just love it when you can make your own books! I put in some journaling pages and blank pages for her drawings or whatever. When she comes back we can add small photos to it as well.

Ok, so I am of to see both House and Greys. Whoho!

2 kommentarer:

  1. oh such cute pictures of your daughter :) I love the sunshine! Rhubarb pie? How do you make it? We usually make strawberry rhubarb pie and it is so good, but I don't think I could store it until November ;)
    And how adorable you made your daughter a journal for her journey, very chic! :)

  2. Oh, i so want to eat some of that rhubarb pie! Yum! Looks delicious.