fredag 16 maj 2008

i need some help...

i am making a treasure box for my daughter that will hold photos and letters from her late grandmother. I rarely make these kind of things, so I would love your help! Have you done one? Or do you have a good link to somewhere? Please leave me a comment!

I did scrap a little! It really makes me happy! I went with the inspo Ali gave all of us through her words+photos challenge last week. I asked myself, what do i want to tell? So i focused on the journaling and a few photos, but jumped on the embellishments.

I like when I focus on the story. Here are a two others...



I have wanted to make a "heart tree" for a long time now, and today I finally did! Since the acctual hearts makes this whimsical, i went with the whimsical theme for the journaling too.

Oh, and I love my cats paws. They look so soft...

Have a wonderful weekend! On sunday or maybe monday I might have some exciting news to share!

3 kommentarer:

  1. HI..
    I saw this for the treasure box, I hope if helps you out. What a great idea!! Good luck with it!

  2. oh i LOVE the heart tree!

  3. looooove the heart tree!! u inspired me to make a heart tree card!! (check my blog!) good luck with the new pup!!