måndag 5 maj 2008

did you have a good weekend?

new mosaic, originally uploaded by lisafisa.

i did! :) Although I did not scrap a single thing for NSD I did have a wonderful weekend! Saturday I went to the city and shopped all sorts of things. A few new shirts/T-shirts and I went thrift shopping too and found a few cool things. Then saturday night we went to dinner with good friends and we have a total blast! All the kids (5 under the age of 3!) were asleep at like 9 pm and then we sat and chatted for hours! I did really need to laugh like that again :)
Sunday was spring cleaning day around here and we filled a whole transport with things we were giving to the goodwill store. It felt sooo good! Do you feel good about getting things organized and out? I feel like my soul is happier and so fresh because of this! Maybe it has something to do with Feng shui or something :)
As I said I wasn´t scrapping myself but My Gosh was there a party going on here and there and everywhere :) I have gotten so much inspiration in so many places this weekend and I am just scooping the galleries now!

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  1. It does feel so good to purge stuff, so refreshing! Glad you had a nice weekend, even if you didn't get to scrap!