fredag 2 maj 2008


oh, my gosh this week just flew by although it begun with the sadest news...
Sadie is being a real sport during this time when she has lost another companion. She has been more compelled to stay by herself these few days and we remember this behavior from when we lost Chanty. But still she loves to go on her walks and eat her food so we are not that worried :)

The weather has been cloudy the last few days so i am so happy that i had the chance to snapp some of those beautiful cherry blossoms with the blue sky :) Aren´t they devine!

I just made a quick layout with them.

When me and the hubby celebrated our anniversary last weekend we snapped a few funny selfportraits in the car after dinner. And I am in love with this one :) Instead of counting the years I counted our married days and wow over 2000!

And I love this photo of my daughter and Sadie! They are such cuties and happy souls!

So, are any of you going to do something fun for National Scrapbook day this saturday? I know that SIStv has lots of fun planned!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Great lo's!!!

    I'm hoping to check in at SIS for some of the fun tomorrow!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Love the photos! The cherry blossoms look so happy :)

    Nothing planned for NSD, but I might do some scrapping at home...