måndag 12 maj 2008

happy monday!

We had such a great weekend with temps up to 25 celcius!!! Ah! Lovely! I spend saturday in town with the dear husband, where we were planning to get some outside furniture. But they were all sold out and we went home with some new T-shirts for him and tank tops for me :) When we were on our way home we took a new way. My husband knew of a lovely senic route and it was :) One thing we love to do, is to look at houses. You know, like window shopping :) We can drive around different areas and just look at houses and dream...we have done that for years. And sometimes we come across lovely places...

Then when we got home I saw that the grass was growing tall...and sat myself in the sun with some ice cold diet coke :) Saturday night we had a lovely time bbqing with some fun friends. We had some yummy grilled salmon and awesome sallad with sundried tomatoes and mozarella! We went home way late and sunday was like a dream...we were lazy and just relaxed in the sun and shade...

I did crack out some layouts friday night too.

Mr Cat is such a poser :)

I wanted to do something simple with that dandelion photo!

And "i love you" is sometimes the only thing that runs trough my head when I see my daughter, I am sure you mamas know just what I am talking about :)

I am very happy that I am attending a poweryoga class for a week in June! I have been wanting to take a yoga class forever, but the fact that I live on an island has made it a tad bit difficult...the funny thing is that this class is acctually on the island! yay! I will make sure to tell you how it is! I searched Flickr for some yoga photos and the search gave like 112000 hits :) I liked this one.

Edited: Oh shoot! I forgot to take the name of the photographer. Sorry!

Take a look at this photo! Oh my Gosh!

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    I love your pictures! I do the same thing - looking at houses from the car and thinking about people who live there...

    You have a beautiful nature in your country!!!