onsdag 7 maj 2008

finally a new post but...

...only to say that the weather has kidnapped me from the computer :) I have been outside for the most time since the weekend which feels very lovely! I did scrap a quicky about Harry the other night. The journaling is about the day we said goodbye and how we saw him.

The cat also posed for some goodies the other day.

And I don´t know about you but I am one of those who loves dandelions! I know that most people see them just as weed, but lets face it they are yellow = lovely! they grow everywhere = lovely! and you don´t have to weed them :) = lovely! haha! My girl knows natural beauty when she sees it, so I was very happy to see this gorgeous bunch of flowers she brought home to me.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Awwwe what cute puppy and great photo of your kitty! Dandelions I like the look of them in bloom and when they are seeding but I have bad allergies to them!

  2. i have a counter FULL of dandelions right now. Annabelle and Julian are SO excited about our "dandelion garden" in the front yard. (can you tell we are long overdue for a mowing?)