måndag 26 maj 2008


Ah, it is always so nice to be back home after a hectic weekend away. After my worktrip to that amazing island in Gothenburg, I stayed and was supposed to stay with my mom for the weekend. But my MIL called in despaire to say that one of her dogs had gotten ill. My MIL works nights and wanted me to be on dogwatch for the night :) I jumped on it! 1. i love miss Myrah Brown! 2. They have a DVD collection extravaganza! She is doing much better now!

Sunday was Mothers Day in Sweden and me and my daughter celebrated with an ice cream in the sunshine, just the 2 of us.

And then on to monday which was a happy day all around. 1. my dear husband came back from a trip to Berlin! 2. Dixon came home!

Everything has gone so smoothly and he seems to like it here. We went down to the lake last night and after a little hesitation he did what retrivers do best...

We have had a little worrysome night but I am sure it will be fine.

Ok, after that photo galore post, I will be back with the rhubarb pie recipe! In the meantime, if you want even more photos go to my flickr gallery!

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