tisdag 29 april 2008

inside the bag

first, thank you very much for your sweet words on my last post. We all miss Harry terribly, but we are blessed to have Sadie with us still. She is a great comforter! Do you remember this one? The title says: comforter :)

Ok, so I have seen a few of "inside the bag" kinda posts going around and thought that I jump on it. I took the things I always have in my bag and laid them on the floor and took a photo.

So, first I was so suprised that I have so many black things! I see myself as a colorful person so that was a real suprise!
♥ I have my Moleskine where I write all sorts of things so that is a must have.
♥ And a pen obviously :)
♥ My calender is with me too since I am a "plan-o-holic"!
♥ I don´t wear alot of make-up so i mostly just have my lipgloss with me to jazz me up from time to time!
♥ my purse with money and visa cards and other cards
♥ my cell-phone which holds most of my contacts and I also use ut as my alarmclock
♥ i usally have a pocket book in there somewhere. It is good to have something to read in line or on the ferry.
♥ sunglasses i have like 3 months out of the year :)

I have new photos to play with so...see ya! :)

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