söndag 13 januari 2008

disney, red jacket and rain

Ah, finally we are back home after a weekend at my moms in Gothenburg, where we went to the Disney on ice show. My first and my daughters 4th! It was amazing, really! The skaters are fabulous and so very talented. I got chills and the last scen :)

Ofcourse a trip to Gothenburg means a little shopping :) I went to the craft store and got some goodies at their New Years sale. Among other things I got an Amy Butler paper pack of the Belle dubble sided papers ♥ love love love :) I can´t wait til I can use it!
I also hunted for a new red jacket. I was looking for a wintery kind, but then I went into H&M and saw this lovely red springish longer coat and I just fell in love! And it was quite affordable too. You really can´t see on this silly photo, that my daughter took, but it is cut just over the chest and it is wider at the bottom.

Mindis happy blog post from yesterday made me so happy! I was smiling with her! And then todays post was scary so that I got chills. I am happy, mindi that everything went well!!!

Today was the last day to add your portfolio to the new Fashonista submissions to SIS. I totally added mine and it would be great to be selected, but my gosh there are such talent among the other SISters I cannot belive that they would pick me among all others. But it doesn´t cost anything to dream a little :)

I brought Ali´s Life artist book with me and read it on the train ride (both ways!). I love it! I love to read every word in it and to look at all the projects. I especially love the portion about embacing imperfection, because that is really how I try to live my life. If you had been in my house you´d know that it is far from perfect. And I am the first to admit that I am very far from perfect myself. And life gets a little bit easier when you think like that too. I am not always good at that, but I try!
I also love that Ali encourages you to put creating on your schedule. I do that everyday and it makes all the difference.

The husband has been home with the pets and working hard all weekend. I just had to snap a photo of the 3 of them laying on the floor together :)

I have to make dinner, but I will be back soon!

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  1. oh I just looked up the amy butler paper and wow, I cannot wait to see what you do with it :) I love your red coat

  2. Greetings from Prague :-)
    Your red coat is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!