torsdag 31 januari 2008

update of my life :)


1. yep, done that! I did my assignment to Project Fashonista :) I thought and thought about it and I did start over once, but then I just wanted to send it in so that I couldn´t change m mind again :) I am ofcourse hoping for the best, but you guys should just see which super SISters that was choosen for this round!!! I cannot belive that Jeanette choose me, it must be a mistake!

2. I did the first layouts about my neices :)

3. A few everyday projects has slipped out too!

A few things that I am good at. How hard is that to list?! I had a hard time just coming up with a few.

I have a few projects that I will get started on this afternoon after work!

Wacky weather

1. The weather is wack! One day it is raining and it feels like we are having fall year round! And then the next day we are freezing, but with no snow! Damn global warming it is confusing!


1. Can you belive that my job is to watch 1-3 year olds discover the world! I love my job as a kindergarden teacher! I get to hug and comfort small children, see the amazement in their eyes when they see something new, chase them and play with them and hear their laughter...I have the best job in the world!

Photo a day in 2008

1. I need some new inspiration for my photos, which I am planning to get this afternoon while I browse flickr and a few other sites. This is yesterdays photo, me making pizza!

Random interestingness:

1. Ali´s Shutterbug photobook is really something I want to do!

2. This music video makes me feel in love :)

3. Hulaseventy´s lists are always cool: 38 things to do in her 37th year is her latest.

4. H&M is working with Designers against AIDS, see the cool collection here.

5. Just look at this flickr set and try not to sigh :)

Have a wonderful day!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, good work. You have a beautiful nieces and perfect layouts!!!

  2. Oh, Lisa.. your work is amazing and I can see why JJ would pick you to go on for the Fashionista challenges. You are definitely one of my favorites and I love your work, no mistake! :)