måndag 7 januari 2008


I just sat here thinking that I wanted to change the blog up a little and I did...but then I came back to the same thing again :)Haha...
I popped in to see what Mindi was up to today and saw that she had made a cool list! I decided to steal the idea :)

25 things I never get tired of (in random order)
1. reading blogs
2. eat chocolate
3. being crafty
4. kiss my daughter
5. hug my husband
6. watch reality tv shows
7. fresh air
8. going out in nature
9. taking photographs
10. reading books
11. ER (the tv show, not actually being in the ER!)
12. angels
13. dog and kitty love
14. sending suprises to friends
15. window shopping
16. taking hot showers
17. going to the library
18. Agatha Christie novels
19. color
20. the sent of vanilla
21. romantic comedies
22. autumn
23. warm summer nights
24. happy mail
25. finding inspiration everywhere

Be sure to check Mindis out aswell!

Ok, so now the second week of the year has come and let´s see how I did on that list of things to do for myself (Sarah Bowens week 1 challange):

1, Clean out my inspiration board! (done!)
2, Go for walks. (done! but could have gone on more!)
3, Read my book. (done!)
4, Go window shopping in town.
5, Rest. (done!

The windowshopping thing I didn´t do, but I guess that is beccause I wanted to rest more :)

The other night I wipped a little traveljournal together for when I am going on my trip to Holland. It is easy peasy, but fun. I used a black cardboard binder which I cut in half to use as the acctual book.

You can see the rest here and there are some instructions too. Tell me what you think!

Ashley Wrens Overlooked blog started today and I just jumped in for the heck of it :) Todays prompt was to take a photo of your coffee cup and then Ashley will promt us to make other things this week. We´ll see!

I have been doing really good on the journaling and photo taking every day so far! I feel proud of myself! I feel proud also that as of today I haven´t eaten meat in 7 days. And I still don´t miss it! I turned vegetarian with the new year (I eat fish)just to see if it would make me feel any better. I have read in so many different places that people feel so good when they don´t eat meat, so I thought ok, why not. I´ll keep you posted :) Oh, and for the photo a day thing, I have set up flickr set and you can follow the link in the sidebar to check it out :)

Just a quick on today!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Love the cover of your travel journal. Can't wait to see the whole thing.
    Have fun in Holland.

    Great list :)


  3. WOW! Vad snyggt det blev, hur smart som helst!
    Vill också ha en såndär som man binder ihop sidorna med (sorry mitt ordförråd tycks vara ledigt...) vart har du köpt din?
    Jag tänkte också vara med på "overlooked" får se hur det går med alla projekt... Lätt att vara överambitiös i början...


  4. hey, i did sarah bowen's challenge too! i'll have to blog that today or tomorrow :)
    like your list too!

  5. Fun list! And awesome job on your travel journal :)