måndag 21 januari 2008

the story behind the photo

Do you remember my little sneak peek the other day? I did a mini album using something I read in Ali´s book. She had a small section where she talked about scrapping the story that is not the obvious from the photo. I think it was a photo of her son, Simon and 2 other women and Simon looked back at Ali who was behind the camera. She writes: "...tell and underlying story about the photo - a story that may not be apperent on the surface, one that go deeper than what you see at first glance." I took that as an inspiration for my "The story behind the photo" minibook. I used photos of me and my husband and did my journaling about what was going on when we took the photos, where we were, why we took the photo and so on. It was so much fun doing the journaling and thinking back on each occasion!

I choose to not use a lot of things in the minibook because I wanted it to be supersimple and really all about the journaling.
Now, I have started an other minibook which is going to be about our lives right now. I am still thinking about the size and stuff, but I will share soon!

Today is monday and that always mean library night in our family. I am so happy that my daughter loves to go to the library as much as I do. When I was like 9-10 I started to stalk the library women where I lived :) I used to go to the library often and ask her about anything and everything :) I have always loved to read and to just be in the presence of lot´s of litterature. Maybe that is why I ended up going to school 18 years of my life! Anyway, naturally I used this as my photo of the day!

Oh, and yes, today was the first day we had sunshine in 5.5 weeks!!! Holy cow! I know! So, I took Sadie for a good long walk in the sunshine. And hear me now, the birds was singing! What?! I mean our birds, alot of them anyway, go away during winter to warmer places and come back in like march or something. They are not suppose to be back yet! Damn global warming! It is all messed up...

Please DO NOT see my dirty windows!!! You can´t clean then when it rains for like 4 weeks straight! :)

Before I go to do some useful stuff (!) I have to share a link to a new fave set on flickr. Enjoy!

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  1. nice story behind the photo. It really is a great way to scrap because years later, you open something up (like your blog) and go back to a picture and see what it meant to you "back then". Really REALLY fun!

  2. Åh vilket fint litet album du gjort! SUperbra idé!