lördag 19 januari 2008

This is my desk right now! I am so happy to be in the creating mode today. We have had a minor storm over the island today, so that made the perfect excuse to stay inside in my pyjamas and scrap!

I took the ferry to the mainland yesterday for some errands and during the ride I went through Ali´s book again. I am just blown away with everything she writes in that book. I am so happy that she has introduced me into the art of life art. Because, really how many of us (just go to yourself) only scrapbook? I for one see myself as a definite life artist! I see art everywhere in different ways; in colors, in patterns, in nature… and not everything goes on any of my scrapbook layouts. Sometimes, I take a photo of the thing I see. Other times it, as in the art, is just a sense of something that I can´t touch or record otherwise than in my mind. When Ali writes about becoming an everyday artist, see it as you have to develop an open mind. I have noticed my open mind for a long time and it gives like different dimension in life. It makes me see things where other people just would walk by (and I am not saying this as in: I take medication therefore I see stuff haha). It is a nice feeling, what do you think?

Here are some proof of that the huge desk-mess acctually did develop into some layouts!

Right now i am whishing for:

1. the wind to slow down a bit
2. that i develop an allergy for chocolate like a miracle!
3. i had new yellow ink for the printer
4. i could find some valentine crafts for me and my daughter to make
5. that i could kiss these two

Meet Annika and Beatrice! They are doing just fine, just don´t make me say which one is which! I can´t wait to meet them!

Harry is not very keen on going outside today, not to mention the cat that has NOT been out the door today. And as he is the sweetest ever, i am talking about Harry...not that the cat is not the sweetest, but right now I am talking about Harry :) I have to share a photo of him laying on his day bed.

Ok, and Sadie is sweet too. Everyday she lays in bed with us, she sneaks up during the night!, and we snuggle in the morning.

Oh, shoot now I just have to post a photo of the cat too :)

Ok, back to creating!

5 kommentarer:

  1. I love the changes you made to your website. I also think you do a great job of capturing the everyday and I am always inspired by you :)

  2. what great layouts. Love when there is bad weather and you have an excuse to stay in and create. I need a day like that.

  3. Great layouts! And I love your pet shots! Want to come and take some photos of my little critters? ;)

    BTW, what kind of dog is Sadie?

  4. Snygga LO:s!!!
    Jag är också helt kär i Alis bok...
    Sedan jag började med scrappingen har världen/livet blivit mer färgstark, händelserik och detaljerad.
    Jag ser mig absolut som en "life artist", och det känns helt fantastiskt att ha fått den gåvan, eller...ALLA har ju den det är jag helt säker på, men jag är glad att jag har upptäckt den. :-)

    Hoppas du får den bra vecka!

  5. love the new blog look! and i love your new layouts - love the red coat one!! :) the twins are darling!