lördag 5 januari 2008


Slow saturday over here on the island...nice. I woke up with a migraine and it has made me slow the whole day. I think it is because of dreaming I was in the Bourne Ultimatum movie all night :) My husband went out of town to see a hockey game, so it is me the pets and the daughter for the weekend. I managed to fix a playdate for the daughter which ment that I can have a playdate too! In my craftroom that is! I made a few layouts,

but really the thing for today was to make a few cards for Emilys weekly cards. I know that technically I am still on week one but I think they are fun to make, so I made a few more!

Week 1: Something you are proud of

I am very proud of my daughter.

Week 2: what is powerful to you

I chose knowledge.

Week 3: I am

well, lately I am tired :)

Week 4: a symbol that you love

An international one :)

I had a lovely time scrapping and listening to some older podcast from
Divacraft lounge which made scrapping even better! Although the voices of the people I "know" through this hobby and the internet always suprises me. For example; Jennifer McGuire always struck me as a mellow kind of girl, you know the very sweet almost shy girl. Well I am happy to say that she sounded very spunky in her podcast :)

I am still going strong with the photo a day and I am enjoying my flickr contacts photos too! I am working on a little binder for my 365 or really it will be (hopefully) 366 photos this year. It is fun!

I´ll be back! Don´t forget to give me some comments love :)

5 kommentarer:

  1. Lovin that 07 review layout you did :)

    I'm doing the 365 challenge this year as well :) Are you in the Flickr group for Anna B's challenge?

  2. Snygg LO om året som gick...
    Och WOW vad snygga dina "art journal" kort är!!!
    Jag började förra året, men jag var bara med ett tag.
    Kanske ska haka på detta året, för de är som du skrev väldigt roliga att göra.
    Är med på 365 days också, typ...:-)
    Har gjort en bok där jag skriver journalingen (finns på min blogg) och så får jag se hur jag gör med foto, en del ska jag klistra in i boken, Funderar på att göra en särskild blogg med bara foto i. Får se hur det blir...
    Nu ska jag gå och städa...:-(

    Ha det bra!

  3. I love that 2007 layout too, I am going to pinch that idea :)

    Can you send me a copy of Emily's challenges, I think I might like to do that too :)


  4. Hello and happy new year from Nice!
    I'm still looking at what you're doing in scrap and I really love the last you did!
    I'm also trying to do a 365 creations a year but this is difficult with 2 children and a job (holidays stop today!);-) !!!!
    Best wishes, Karine

  5. i love these! on the knowledge one, is that a tree stamp? i am not into stamping at all, but i think i NEED to find that stamp! :)