fredag 25 januari 2008

a new mini

So I have worked and thought about doing this album a while now and finally I decided on how I would do this. I made a mini that documents my familys daily life right now this moment. It contains everyday photos and journaling about our work, house, evening routines, am routines, weekends and foods. It is something that I look forward to read and flip through five, ten years from now and see how and what has changed since 2008. I love it! And my gosh those Amy Butler papers are just delish :)

I also did a lovey dovey one with my sweety and I :)

I like to wander to the 6 x 12 format from time to time. If you still haven´t tried it, you should!

Did you see that Elsie has a fabulous post on her blog about her new book? I think it seems like a great inspiration. I know that I am not an "Elsie-scrapper" but I love to see her stuff because it still inspires me.

And Kelly Purkey had the best quote on her blog yesterday. I jotted it down right away, because it really hit home with me.
" Joy is what happens to you when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are..."

I think it was the ever so cool Martha that said it. Isn´t it great? I am definetly going to use it in a project!

I am going to Gothenburg today to see my new neices and the others. I am bringing my camera, ofcourse :) and I looked through flickr to see some inspiration for newborn shoots...Oh my gosh there are so many beautiful baby photos there! See my faves so far. I am not going to get anywhere close to those but i love to just look at them, don´t you?! I did try here

Me and my daughter had fun with a frame we found in the garage:

LOL you can see more here.

5 kommentarer:

  1. :)

    I love the "framed" pictures. A friend of mine did this on her wedding. All guests had to look through a frame while someone took a picture for her weddingbook. Very cool!

    XOXO Inge

    ps: have a greet weekend!

  2. Love your mini. Amy Butler's papers are some of my faves. Cute frame pictures too!

  3. very cute mini and frames. and your prior post of are a woman after my own heart.

  4. Gillar verkligen albumet!
    Det är helt galet inspirerande att sitta och kolla på alla fina bilder på flickr, man skulle kunna sitta dygnet runt ju...
    Den LO:n när du står på stranden (länken till dina foto) är sååå snygg!

    Nu ska jag dra ner på stan och shoppa!
    Vi höres!


  5. Känns väldigt bra, har gjort massa fynd på rean...
    Aldrig fel...:-)
    Du länkade till några fina foto på en baby, längst ner på det inlägget, LO:n på dig från Mallorca...
    Jättefin LO och foto.

    Nu ska vi kolla på Shrek 3 m Maja...