måndag 28 januari 2008

weekend recap

We had a wonderful weekend spending time with my new neices and big brother nephew :) The girls were a delight, ofcourse. So tiny and perfect! ♥ And even if my daughter and her boy cousin are eachothers favorites she was still curious about the babies.

I went sales shopping on saturday and that is always a delight :) Even though everyone else seemed to have gotten that same idea right that day! The stores were packed, and I tend to look at the line before I go into a store :) I made some finds though ;)

Sunday we had the best day weather wise since like september! The sky was clear blue and the sun was beaming! I took the older kids for a walk. We petted the horses and opened all the red mailboxes :) I love spending time with the two of them because they always show how much they love eachother!
We went swinging to! I ♥ swinging :)

Nicole made such a cool post with numbers the other day and I am shamelessly going to steal that idea :)

2 new neices24 days until I fly to Holland + Paris
13 the age I was when i got my type writer that I picked up from my moms yesterday!
4 the number of the tram i took to my sister
2 sticker sheets bought
3 hours drive home
26 days until my birthday!
3 children that can call me aunt
2 magazines bought
0 bookrings found :(

I have so many new photos to scrap and I will be sharing soon!

7 kommentarer:

  1. what fun pictures and WHAT SUPER BIG fun on coming to Holland/Paris...have fun!!

  2. Great pictures! Here in Czech republic is windy and cold weather. Babies are so cute!!!

  3. Åh, vad söta! Härliga bilder...
    Själv blev jag sjuk lördagkväll, maginfluensa...:-(
    Så jag tillbringade söndagen nerbäddad.
    Så typiskt för jag skulle scrappat hela dagen hade jag tänkt... Men jag köpte lite kul saker när jag var på stan i lördags. Bla en mapp, tänkte göra något liknande som du gjort, det var coolt. Och en visitkortspärm som jag börjat "grejja" med idag.
    Ha det bra!

  4. those pictures are so sweet.
    Here in WA state we are cold, with scattered snow. I wish it was nice and warm.

  5. we have a beautiful sunny day here but it is hot and humid, I could do with some icy air at the moment :)

    Such wonderful pictures and your nieces are adorable :)

  6. You take such great pics, Lisa!!
    Those babies are just perfect. Enjoy them!!