fredag 12 oktober 2012

Scrapbooking with photobooth photos

When I got my iPhone a few weeks ago I quickly installed an app called Incredibooth which is a tool that takes great photobooth photos. We have played a bit with it and I printed a few of them. Now, I didn´t have any good photopaper at hand at the time so I printed them a bit smaller (4 on one A4 paper). They came out really cute. So I promptly scrapbooked them!

This one is in color (you can choose that) and I went with the blue color in the photos. My daughter makes this scary weird face all the time on photos :)

This layout is really half of an A4 paper, which makes the photobooth strip look a bit larger than it is. 

I made this layout on a smaller brown paper bag that my friend Monika send me. Also I got some neon manilla tags in the same package and I punched out the scalloped circle from the pink one. 
Me and my daughter are such happy dorks ;)

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