onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Project Life | week 40

Ok, I did finish my spread! 

Here is the first page. And here are the stories:

I have a wonderful "photo-blog-friend" that took that leaf photo for me as she thought of me, my husband and daughter when she saw them <3 font="font">

The second card is our monday. i journaled what i did, my husband and daughter.

Dixon was home this week. (As my husband lives away from home we take turns having the dogs) and it was so nice to have him home again.

I have really loved how Elise Blaha use stamps on her photos and especially the his/hers stamp like here. So for wednesday my husband sent me a photo he took from his day and I had a photo of my day and i used them together. I stamped he/she (in swedish) on the photos and journaled about our days. 

the stories: 
I included a few shots of my husbands school work and wrote about what he is studying right now.

then I talk about how walking in the forest really saved me this week!

The last 2 pockets are about our weekend. I printed 4 instagram photos on one card and then added journaling to the right pocket. 

This week have an extra pocket. I created journaling cards with some of the "current" words Tina uses. I used Crystal Wilkerson digital products and added in the "right now". I printed 3 of these, one for each person in my family. The words didn´t make sense in swedish so I chose to use english, but said to them (my family) that they could journal in swedish if they wanted. I love these!
We did them on Valentines day earlier this year and I really like having them in the album.
added: my daughters card is on the other side of the insert.

That is it!

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  1. Beautiful layouts. I think the picture from your husbands/your day is very sweet. Love how you did the journaling on the stripped paper. So simple, but I wouldn't have thought of that.