tisdag 23 oktober 2012

From pin to reality | painted jewellery

I found this very cool and easy way to alter your cheap jewellery and had to try it!
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 A week or so before I saw this pin I had thrifted a ring base that I think earlier had a watch insert.

I am sorry for the not so good photo, but I had some teal nailpolish and a great little stone pebble that I had picked sometime on one of my many, many, many trips to any beach :) It was extra good, because one side was almost perfectly flat.
I painted the pebble twice with the nailpolish and then used my glue gun to adhere it to the ring base. 

The glue messed alittle, so I ended up trying to paint it also. 


Ps. I totally forgot to link you up to WCS yesterday, but this week 
Teka is talking all about getting inspiration from all things Pinterest! 

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