måndag 22 oktober 2012

From pin to reality | Crochet hat

I am so excited about this one, because when I had learned this I made about six hats! 

Free hat crochet pattern.

link to pin

These crochet hats looks kind of beanie like, but if you (as did I) just continue to crochet for a few more rows it gets that slouchy look that I love. 

The hat pattern uses a stitch to make the ribbed band and then the puff stitch to make the rest of the hat. It might sound complicated, but once you learn them they are so easy, I promise! 
What I learned though, was that the pattern requires quite a lot of yarn, since with the puff stitch you gather yarn 4 times = 4 double stitches for each. 

I am making a few for Holiday gifts!

7 kommentarer:

  1. love this hat : your daughter is very beautiful with it!
    i also find that Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration and your "From pin to reality" idea is great!
    I've just put some pictures of knitted hat and scarf for my 15 years old niece on my blog... christmas time is beginning :)

    1. I am off to check your hats out!

  2. Svar
    1. Tack! Och jag är så glad att det inte alls var svårt!

  3. HI! I love it! Where do I find the pattern?

    1. Lisa, just click the link that says: Link to pin!