tisdag 16 oktober 2012

Project Life | week 41

Week 41.

the stories:
We had my grandfathers funeral on monday and I took a bunch of photos for my family. I tucked a collage of photos underneath the left upper photo. In February when my grandmother passed, I included the story of both her passing and funeral. 

After the funeral we all gathered at my sisters house and we had to giggle about how we all layed our cell phones on the same table.

My friend Emma came over on Tuesday for a craft night (lower left photo) and we had some awesome yummies too!

My husband texted me this photo (lower right card) and I journaled about how happy that makes me that he does that.

The stories:
I cut the grass for hopefully the last time this year. And me and my husband are such iPhone dorks as we learn our ways :)

Our first really cold nights with frost came this week.

I needed to include the article where my photo was used earlier that week :) 

The last card is about us cleaning out my grandfathers apartment on sunday.

Earlier today I went back and listened to an older Paperclipping Roundtable podcast where they talked about PL 6 months into it. It got me thinking that 1. I am actually all caught up. 2. This is the longest project I have ever done. And 3. I think I will continue into 2013.

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  1. Beautiful pages. I am sorry for your loss.
    That is very sweet that your husband sends you pictures. I wish mine did that more often, they always make me smile.