onsdag 24 oktober 2012

From pin to reality | Pincone peacesign

I pinned this image a while ago and thought that I would try my hands at it now. This one takes a bit longer than most of my crafts because of the drying time.

DIY Peace Sign Wreath

First you gather your pinecones. I left them in room temperature for a few days so that they would open up a bit.

You will need:

thicker wire
craft wire
something to cute your wire
and ofcourse your pine cones

First you will form your base. I love the peace sign so I did one too. But ofcourse you can go with what ever you like.
My wire was really soft and easy to work with.

When your base is done you´ll want to take the thinner craft wire and wrao around the base of the pinecones. This is what you are going to attach to the base. 

I learnt that I had to back some time to fix the ones that was a bit crocked. 

Just work your way around the base. Tweak it a bit if it gets crocked.

Right now it hangs in my kitchen, but I do think I will move it to the wall by the front steps later. 

I loved this project! It took me a few hours on a saturday and it was delightful.

Oh, and my big lab Dixon especially loves when I work with natural materials indoors ;)

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