tisdag 15 maj 2012

Project Life | week 19

here is my share for week 19. i can´t believe i am still going strong at this project! i am so bad at following through on long term projects! i am happy that i am this time though :) 
my album that is a ring binder is getting pretty thick and i think i am getting a new one for a second volume next week. 

this week was so much better than last week, thank god! 
here are the stories on the first page. 
top left: we laughed at my husband because he was a big anti-computer person just a year ago and this week, while doing work, he sat with 2 laptops AND his phone :) i added that heart in picmonkey.com as a sticker and just lowered the opacity so it is see through. my new favorite way of doing journaling.
top right: my first photoshoot of the season was to photograph my friends second daughter. i actually did a photoshoot with her first daughter at the same age, so that was superfun!

lower left: this makes me so happy! my daughter blogs, and she made this reflection of herself now and a year ago. i stole her post and photos :) she said i could! you can see how the extra pocket underneath these photos looks like, where the text is. i am sure i will be doing this again soon.
lower right: it rained so much this week, so we decided to get properly dressed and trim down our roses in the rain :) 

here are the stories from the second page:
upper left: i collected my FB statuses from the week.
upper right: small stories from friday and saturday; it rain so hard, my daughter got her second shot to prevent ovarian cancer and i included a screenshot from my click. post from wcs. 

lower left: my sister and her fiancé had a birthday party on saturday and i journal a bit about that. 
lower right: small stories from sunday, meetings, my daughter coming home from a weekend at her dads, lawn mowing etc. 

i have read a few interesting articles online this week and decided to include copies of then in my spread. they are just in clear page protectors and i folded them in half. 

thats it for week 19!

i will be back soon with a little how to on those low opacity journal spots if someone needs it!

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