torsdag 24 maj 2012

Project Life | my favorites

i am closing the first project life album of this year. it is getting so full and i need to get started with a new one. when i flipped through this album (which took a while because i love it!) i jotted down a few things that i especially love. here are a few things i have made that i am really glad i did!

i am happy that i included my grandmothers passing during week 3. it was almost all that i thought about that week, so it would have been weird not to include it.

i am happy that i have included a few fun cards that i have recieved during the year. this one especially because 1. it is from Monika and 2. it is super cute! 

i am so happy that i have gotten my daughter and husbands cooperating with this project! they both take photos when they are out and about so that i can use them and on valentine´s day we all filled out these currents cards from tina. here is the link to week 7.

i am happy that i have included all sorts of photos in my album. i mainly shoot with my nikon d90, but have used my phone alot during this year too. i don´t have instagram, but there is another version called Molome that i use instead and here is my profile if you´d like to see what i upload. it makes it super easy to access my phone photos without getting out the cord and everything. i just upload them to the net and go there, and save them. 
i also used my instax camera, and should include those in my album more!

i am happy that i included simple things like what we are reading etc. 

i am happy that i have played a bit with backgrounds for my cards. i will be using bookpages more :)

i am happy that i discovered picmonkey which i have become to use almost on everything the last weeks. 

and finally i am happy that i have used flip pockets so much. it really adds both dimension and a place for more things in the album. and i am happy that i have used my daughters own words from her blog! 

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