lördag 5 maj 2012

the last...

the last thing i shared on facebookSleepless in Seattleyesterday and Runaway bride today,  it`s gonna be a classic weekend :-)

the last thing i aet: a sandwich with mayo, eggs and shrimps

the last photo i shared to flickr: 

the last thing i pinned: 

brilliance by emily spahn!

the last photo i took: 

the last thing i googled: ikea tindra

the last craft i did: 

painted clay (more in that later)

the last person i called: my husband

the last person i texted: my friend Emma 

the last thing i bought: milk

the last podcast i listened to: episode 37 of the digishow

just a random list of lasts today :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Cool concept. I think I did a page with the same idea way back when... enjoyed reading your lasts :)

  2. love this idea!
    i loved it after the adorable cat photo...and even more when i saw my layout! :) thanks!