måndag 7 maj 2012

Project Life | week 18

this week was one of those rough weeks that tends to happen from time to time. we were arguing alot and my depression/anxiety problems have been in full bloom. i wanted to include some of my thoughts regarding that aswell as recording other things that happened. i chose to seperate the hard stuff by adding an extra page pocket.

it is hard to see here but the two first photos in the above image is an extra page protector that holds 4 extra photos. this is how it looks when you look at this weeks spread. 

when you turn the page protector i have a the third photo and some journaling that i do have visable in my album, but chose not to share here. 

my favorite thing this week was that i wrote my journaling with my new white pen right on that photo. the pen is a gelly roll pen and it writes so good!

the second page this week is all about my garden, working in the garden and how that is my way to get energy and to let some tough things out. 
i have used picmonkey.com alot this week since my PSE is on my other computer. it is a really good online photo editing site. the circles was made as simply as adding a circle overlay to the photo and lowering the opacity to make it see-through. 

i have more journaling under the last photo and i did that by making a flip pocket.

have you included the hard stuff in your project life?

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