lördag 19 maj 2012

outtakes on a layout


my printer (i have a canon iP4950) can print different sizes on both bigger papers and these 6x4 photos. so, when i went through the photos we took of us with the tripod and self timer when we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary there were so many not so good ones, but i wanted to include them too since there is a story there. i printed a few of them as index photos (i think) on a 6x4 photo paper and used them as they were on this layout. 

the story is that we used a tripod and a remote with a cord to the camera, so i couldn´t hold it for these photos, so we pushed the sequence button and i was so stressed out by the sound of the constant clicking and knowing i would have do delete like 200 photos later, i commanded my husband: now hug me, kiss me on my forehead, smile!!! haha! 

thats it, sometimes it is the outtakes that make it onto a page!

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