tisdag 15 maj 2012

from pin to reality - stencil pillows

DIY: stencil pillow

i pinned the above image a while ago and then i didn´t think i had the stencils to make them myself. but then we cleaned out the spare room in our house and i found a alphabet stencil! 

so knew i some lyrics from an old swedish song that would be perfect on throw pillows for my sister and her fiancé. 
before i started i had cut and measured the fabric so that i just had to sew it together when the lettering was done. 

i used a fabric marker and i took about an hour to draw all the letters.

here they are all sewn and done. it was easy and very fun!
i can already see the endless things i can make using this technique!

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  1. That has been on my Pinterest board for a while too but it is yours that might push me to do it!!! I love the look of yours!!! I don't know what it says but I love the way you spaced the sentences and lined them on the left :)