fredag 18 maj 2012

33 things about me right now

i wanted something that said who i am right now. so i made a list of 33 things (i turned 33 in february) about me right now. 
i decided to make a double pager with the list and some recent photos of me. here is the list:

1. i seem to be having trouble sleeping
2. i see that being a homebody is one thing, being antisocial another.
3. i love my mohawk.
4. i still love Patricia Cornwells books about Dr. Scarpetta.
5. i can´t wait until i get to work in my garden again.
6. i have felt some anxiety lately.
7. i, once agin, have a little to many projects going on.
8. my knee hurts, just like it did the first time 20 years ago.
9. i see better without my glasses when ii read or thread a needle.
10. i am super excited about going camping again this summer.
11. i feel like i need a change.
12. i carry an extra few punds.
13. i am not good with money, spending - yes, saving - no.
14. i still love my husband very much.
15. i will be a parent to a teenager in august.
16. i love my job.
17. i feel naked without my camera and phone.
18. i still have acne.
19. creativity and coffee are my drugs.
20. i really need a kick in the butt to start yoga.
21. i dance to seldom.
22. social media is fun.
23. i still love photography.
24. i like it when it is nice and quiet.
25. i love nature.
26. a perfect day include coffee, blogs, creativity and sunshine.
27. i need to do more stuff, not just talk about doing them.
28. i really need to not spend so much time online.
29. i like black nailpolish.
30. my pets make me happy.
31. i like to go to soccer games.
32. i´d really like to get a tatoo.
33. slow technology makes me crazy.

oh, and i had fun with the triangles too!

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