tisdag 22 maj 2012

Dear Photograph

there is a cool challenge over at the Ella publishing blog: Ella´s Dear photograph challenge! the thing is to use an old photo, go back and hold out your old photo infront of the place today. there are some really cool stories behind these photos! 

i used a photo from 2009. the dandelions were evrywhere and the sun was hot. now, the field is a bit greener and the dandelions chose not to bloom right there this year. 

after i took this years photo the wheels started turning in my head; i would love to look through my familys photoalbums to see if i can find something from my childhood that i can use.

have you done something like this?

here are the layouts that i made with photos from 2009.

and here is another dandelion photoshoot :) this one is from last year in may and i still smile when i look at those photos.

clearly i LOVE dandelions! i have shared some new dandelion photos to flickr lately! 

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