onsdag 1 december 2010

happy december

can you believe that it is december already? i am shaking my head in disbelief :)
but i do love my decembers so it makes me happy all the same! i am home now from washington and what an adventure it was! as the homebody i am it did feel really good to come home to my loveliess too! and i am not tired at all! although i did catch a cold and my throat is so soar. i am looking forward to go to work today, i missed it!

i also very much look forward to making this blog into a crafty one again after all these travelposts! i bought a ton of new craft supplies while in america and am so eager to put them in some new projects :)

i will share a few photos from around the house while we make it all holiday ready this week and i will also share layouts as they get ready. oh, and december first means that i can now start to add to my december minibook, right!

ok,in the meantime be sure to check out write click scrapbook´s december layout gallery that went up today! i will be back later today to share more about my layout! be prepared to get hungry!

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