lördag 18 december 2010

holiday gift diy

the other day my horse-loving daughter had built yet another great stable for her horses she plays with. i went for a "housetour" and she said; but mom, you know what i wish for right?!
and i know. she wishes for a almost 1000 swedish kronor play stable like this:

and well, no! i won´t pay that money for something that i know that she will be playing with for about a year. she is turning 12 next year and i guess how sad it might sound, she will not be playing for so much longer. and besides i love that she has the imagination to build things and play with stuff that are not considered "real" toys!
what i will do however is try to built something for her to save fromplaytime to playtime. she usually builds stables and stuff with her books etc, so when see is done playing she cleans everything away.

we got some supplies shipped to us at work and among other cardboard boxes there was this one that i used for the actual building.

i used up alot of masking tape while making the interior of the stables!

i then painted the intire thing white twice.

sally watched...

and dixon watched a bit closer :)

when it had dried i added some gold paint for the floors made to look like hay :)
i still have to do some signs and trick with the windows but it is pretty much done.

i am wrapping it in a huge box and hope that she will love my diy :)

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  1. this is so cool! what a great gift idea...and i love that you made yours just as good and eve better than the original. bet your girl will love it! : ) happy holidays!