tisdag 7 december 2010

virtual coffee

hi, i am so happy that you stopped by for virtual coffee today! i am bursting to tell you all about my trip over in the US with you!
besides that everything went well travel wise, i am going to focus on the small things that i found and enjoyed!
so, here is your coffee cup and i made some cheesecake so just grab yourself a good seat.

if we were to meet for coffee today i would tell you that, during my few days we saw so many cool things and sights, but i understand that we just saw a fraction of all the many things that are to see in DC. my friend J gave me a grand tour of the things he knew i would love. for me, the biggest adventure was to just wander the streets really. just soaking in the atmospher of this country i have seen in movies and on tv all my life and it hit memore than once that; wow, all this acctually exist! :)

if we were to meet for coffee today, i would tell you that i very much enjoyed the kindness in people. i am a nice person (i think!), but it was such a joy to hear "good morning, how are you?!" everywhere i went. such simple och kind words!

i would also tell you that i just loved the american history museum and especially the first ladies exhibition! they had quite a few of the amazing gowns that have been worn by different first ladies. i also loved that they had the sketches also :)
so inspiring!

if we were to have coffee today, i would tell you that i very much enjoyed my very first thanksgiving celebration. i now know why you all get soooo full! delicious food and amazing company!

i would tell you that my heart skipped a few beats when i first walked into michaels... :) omg! we spend almost 2 hours in there! our craftstores are usually tiny and not very well stocked,so to walk into this whole warehouse full of allsorts of craft supplies was like going to heaven :) hobby lobby was another store i enjoyed alot!

if we were to meet for coffee today, i would admit that i wasn´t very impressed with the white house! it was tiny :)  still i had to take a photo with it! just another thing to check of the bucketlist :)

but, i would go on and on about arlington...it was breathtaking really. i loved walking there and feel the honor and memories that are in the atmosphere. i loved reading the gravestones and fantasies about the lives those men and women had lived.

it is so hard for me to explain the feeling, so i will leave you with a few more photos...

thank you for coming over for coffee today ♥

6 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for sharing a hot cup with me as I watch the snow fall in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

  2. Wow. I don't know that I've ever read about someone's first to trip to America before. I've actually never been to DC before, but my husband's been several times and I have a whole list of things I *need* to see.

    Thanks for the coffee! I really enjoyed your post today!

  3. So glad you had a good trip! What an incredible amount of site seeing :) (and so glad you got to experience Michaels!!)

  4. Beautiful pictures! Some day I hope to see Arlington. I love it that you were more impressed by Michael's than the White House...so funny! : ) Sounds like you had a wonderful trip and it is very cool to witness your first trip to the US through your eyes. Thanks for coffee!

  5. Love this! So happy you had a great time. And the part about Michaels made me smile! ;)

  6. what a great welcome to the u.s.! you got to see some great stuff, and thanksgiving to boot! i'm so glad to hear that people were polite and cheerful :)

    i enjoyed visiting with you today over our cups of coffee...