onsdag 15 december 2010

things to be happy about...

i recenty picked up the book "14 000 things to be happy about" again after it had been sitting on my bookshelf for a while. i decided i´d write some of my recent favorites down. i´ll share them here and will use them or others inspired by these in an upcoming project!

: the quiet spirit of holiday music
: motivation
: home; a quiet and personal space
: long winter weekends
: being tall enough to reach
: a white christmas
: having a picnic on the livingroom floor
: allowing every guest to hand an ornament on your christmas tree
: licking a baking bowl
: popcorn at the movies
: jumping into bed with a good book
: slow snowfalls
: love between two people
: comfortable old shirts as pajamas
: the glint and glitter of frost crystals in the air, dancing like diamond dust in the sunlight
: hibernation from grown up routines
: snow patterns on windows
: helpfulness
: an open fire and the hearth on which it burns
: the three day weekend
: a retreat from the outside world
: feeding birds all winter
: sunshine and weekends
: a cat chirping when it´s happy
: a dogs`s face when you say "walk" or "treat"
: when small miracles occur
: the very first present on christmas morning
: candle lighting
: stopping to think about how you wish it could be and realizing how good you´ve got it

aren´t these just great. reading them made me nod my head and smile :)

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