tisdag 21 december 2010

virtual coffee

hi! i am so happy that you stopped by today! I always enjoy having coffee with you! did you have a good week? is your life crazy busy now that Christmas is coming so fast?!

we have tried to slow down a bit this year. my husband have been on-call for 2 weeks now and is rarely home more than a few hours. last night though he slept in his bed the whole night! pure bliss! as we know the snow is not stopping to fall, so he will be away much of the Christmas days too.

our tree is all decorated and we all enjoy to have it lit at night. and as always i think our tree is the most beautiful :) this year we are hosting Christmas at home, so we are prepping for a company of 8! it is going to be sooo nice to not go anywhere over the holidays! my daughter spends every second Christmas with me and the other with her father. this year she decided that, as she was home, she didn´t want to go anywhere else! we usually travel to family out of town, so that is why we are so happy to just be home ♥

we are slowly finishing the final touches around the house. the gingerbread house is on the program today. it sits and waits decorations on the diningroom table.

we have had snow and cold weather for about a month now and we love it! the world is so much slower and not as noisy with snow everywhere. and Dixon loves playing in the snow, he usually stops every 3 meters and roll around on the ground for a bit while we are taking walks :) slow walks i may add!

thank you for stopping by for some virtual coffee today! i hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas ♥♥♥

virtual coffee

2 kommentarer:

  1. i love the picture of your cat~so sweet! "i'll be home for Christmas" applies to you this year~enjoy! we are staying at home also & loving it! hugs, Cathy

  2. beautiful pictures! your holidays sound just wonderful and i have to admit that i fantasize about being snowed in just one year on christmas day so we can spend all day at home together! have fun making your gingerbread houses.and that is a great picture of you! thanks for coffee.