torsdag 30 december 2010

a new year (soon) calls for new projects

i love the days before the new year. i go through my posts from the past year. i go through photos and layouts from the past year and it feels so good to make a new folder that says 2011 and put all the 2010 photos in their folder. i also ponder on new projects. everyone know that the new year is perfect for new projects and changes :)

i have a few projects that are going to start on january 1st 2011:

1. i signed up for ali edwards bigpictureclasses class: one little word. as you may know i do choose a word each year, just like ali has done now for a couple of years. and i love that necklace she shared in this post! so i felt i needed to have one too, although i made mine myself :)

i am so looking forward to this class!

2. when i went through our photos for this past year and can you even believe that we had one, yes ONE photo of us all three as a family! i take thousands of photos and i took only ONE of all of us all year?! how is that even possible?! so, i am totally going to do family photos ala tara whitney every month of 2011. cause´ we need that! period!

3. i am also continuing rebecca coopers photo challenge called "the simple things".

4. virtual coffee is also a project i love and will do as often as i can.

and i also have one more cool project that i am doing all 52 weeks of 2011...but i´ll be back about that on january 1st...please join me then!

2 kommentarer:

  1. I love to make jewelry myself, too, and had planned on making a JOY necklace also. Great minds...

  2. Det är lika illa med familjeporträtt här. Dock tog jag tag i det på julafton och tog ett kort på oss alla - jag tänkte försöka göra det varje år och lägga med i December Daily albumet (för min del lägger jag med det i dagens och sista sidan... så skönt att få avsluta detta projekt idag!).

    Gott Nytt År!