onsdag 8 december 2010

holiday critters and cheesecake - you know, a scrapbooking post :)

holiday critters you ask? thats the name of one of crystal wilkersons december 2009 digital kits :) they are so cute and i love using all her products! i do a simple page about the holiday cards we send out each year. and when i think about it, i used one of crystals holiday card templates for the actual card too :)
i am also in love with my american crafts kate rubon letters!

i also do a simple page about whatever advent calendar we have each year. and i am so happy to use grey and pink together! i got the mini doilies at michaels :)

my first page with washington photos. i wanted to use some more photos so i made a photomosaic with some of the sight photos. the map is a metromap i picked up while there.

technically this was the first page i did with any of the travel photos. i mean the cheesecake factory deserves the first page, right?!

i will be back later or tomorrow with a simple holiday wrapping tip!

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