söndag 3 augusti 2008

weekend and inspo list

wow monday already! where did this weekend go?! well, i made the town on saturday. I went with the early ferry and found myself in town at 10 already! i shopped way to much :) some clothes, books, cd´s and a few must haves :) I bought Bruce´s CD for us and Jonas Brothers for the tweenie daughter :) She has her birthday on August 31st and i have started a little gift collection for her.

Oh and speaking of the daughter, she put on one of her shows, which usually consists of her, an outfit, the mic and radio on our bed. Yesterday was no exception, but this show had a special feature: Dixon!

:) i guess she loves showbuisness more than Mr D!

I have seen a cuple of "what inspires me right now-lists" going around and thought i´d do one too!

Yellow just makes my heart skip a beat. Yellow is just a happy accent color, i think. I have this lovely yellow necklace and i wear it often. And doesn´t it look good where I store it?!

I love Project Runway! I can watch at all the re-runs and still be inspired by all of them!

I stopped Facebooking a while ago, it just wasn´t for me. But when i saw that all these cool flair images came from there i just had to make one :)

Other things that still inspire me are:

notebook paper
office supplies
eclectic photos


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