torsdag 14 augusti 2008

I was having a yucky day the other day and decided to clean up my scraproom which always makes me happier!

It wasn´t to bad to begin with, but it needed some order. I seem to always think out new ways to store different things. Recently i traded my "stand-up-desk" for my daughters when she got a new one. It has draws and that is good. In the larger one i keep my favorite inkpad and stamps + rubons. That way they are always right there.

Above my desk there is my inspiration board. Really it is 2 magnetic strips and a board. If you go here. to see some notes of what is up there.

What i clearly need as inspiration is color!

Hoops like these are so yummy and they are pieces of art, really. So i present the easiest way to spice up any room fabric + hoop = art! voila! And it is so changable :)

See became all happier :)

Oh, and i did scrapbook too :) My daughter is such a drama queen lately, maybe it is common in her age? I hope that it doesn´t last though :)

8 kommentarer:

  1. I love your scrap area, it's so bright and fun. Oh and the layout, well I'm pretty sure I commented on it on SIS because I added it to my faves already. Loves it all :)

  2. Love your layout.
    My daughter is 9...drama central...I hope it doesn't last long, either!

  3. I love the LO (and the drama...I have a 9 year old too!)

  4. awesome! i love your hoop idea... also, i need an inspiration board, that's so cool!

  5. Snyggt minialbum och den nya LO:n är cool, såg den inne på SIS...
    Ditt scraprum är också coolt tycker jag, inspirerande!

  6. ooh, love the fabric hoops--brilliant!

  7. Oh, I love it! Looks so cosy!
    Found your blog through SIS by the way. :)


  8. I love the color of your room. I painted two rooms in my mother's house yellow. It is so cheery. Now I need to pick a color for my own room in my own house. Thanks for sharing your room. (mommyvictory)