tisdag 12 augusti 2008

a minibook yay!

i really do love the feel of a minibook! and i love to make one too! so it was clear that i would make one with the photos of our weekend trip. so brace yourself for a mini with lots of photos :

i tried some "on photo journaling" and it was very much fun. i was inspired by ali and the layout posted here.

i love this love.elsie paper ...like totally :)

i included 2 small envelopes to hold some additional journaling.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Du är så kreativ! Jag beundrar din förmåga att verkligen scrappa händelser precis just när de inträffat!

    Den här miniboken är underbar! Har du verktyg och sådant för att göra hål och spiralbindning eller var det en färdig minibok i cardstock?

  2. love this! your photos are GREAT!!

  3. That is a fabulous album!!
    I love your journaling right on the photo! very brave :)
    sis name: cassie

  4. This mini is awesome. I love it!

  5. This is fantastic :)

    I also love the music you have on your blog :)

    Did you just glue the photos back to back?

  6. Wow this is great!
    I love the colors, the pictures, your handwriting... well; I just totaly am in looooove with this little one.


  7. Skitsnyggt rent ut sagt :-) Är det en bind-it-all du använt?

  8. I love your journaling in the album.. what a great project. And I love the color of your scraping room!