onsdag 20 augusti 2008


My baby just started third grade!!! I can´t belive it! :) Every year when school starts they have all these fun activities in the school yard. This year they are working with air and fire as a theme. So they made paper airplanes, windchimes etc. This year me and my husband both could attend the event!

The grand finale was that all the kids wrote a little message to put in a ballon which was then filled with helium. They gathered everyone and then on 1,2,3 everyone let their ballons loose! It was awesome!

I wanted to record it (as i do every year scroll down a bit). So, i did! I like how it turned out and am happy to yet again make a 2pager :)

Oh, and i just want to share a few photos from our wonderful monday. Mondays will be shared together as a family from now on. My daughter started riding lessons and the stable is about a hour away on the mainland, so we decided to make it a family activity. While she is in the stable me and my husband take a walk with the dogs and then when my daughter is finished we eat our picknick :) This monday we were joined by my younger sister who has her own horse so we went to her stable after.

That´s it i guess...atleast for now!

2 kommentarer:

  1. El mapa de un tesoro no otorga propiedad, ni siquiera encontrarlo, hay que desenterrarlo para poder tenerlo.

  2. oh wow! what a fun way to start the school year :)

    by the way, i got the SWEETEST package when i came home. :)

    you were absolutely right, i LOVE LOVE trees and i have admired all of your different tree stamps for a long time! thanks so much for thinking about me! it truly made my day.