tisdag 5 augusti 2008

my heart...

the internet is amazing! in so many ways, and i have already mentioned a few. But the coolest thing is the friends that you make...
In march my lovely internet friend Mel , which i met through the lovely & wonderful suziebeezieland, wrote a comment on a one of my blog posts. That is not rare at all, she does a really good job on commenting :) But she wrote the sweetest thing that stuck to me. She wrote:

What a treasure you are to your family.

You see what i mean?! I wrote it down and have thought about it many times since then. It sits nice and neatly in my heart. Thank you so much, Mel-Bell :) And as a true scrapbooker i made a layout with this sentence...

I love you so much, all internet friends and "real life" friends, so here is one for all of you!

3 kommentarer:

  1. So cool!! Love that lo!!! What a wonderful friend!!

  2. sniff, sniff, I have tears in my eyes, thank you :)