söndag 10 augusti 2008

our weekend fun

We have had a wonderful and fun weekend! The themepark was alot of fun both for the kids and us. Hm...where to start? Well, they had this wonderful big playground with huge nets and other things to climb on. Since my daughter is a climber this was one of her favorites this weekend.

My favorite was definitivly the go-cart tracks! WOW! If you haven´t been in one, you must! I had a blast!

My other favorite was the cotton candy! :)

Outside the park there was a mall. My husband just had to pop in to go to the ATM and during that he walked through a furniture store. We have been looking for a new couch forever. We want one in a practical color (dark) and fabric. We also want a larger one so that we can all be comfortable on the couch at the same time. Enter this beauty!

My husband phoned me from the store and said that i just had to come out to see it. It was perfect, people! So, we walked away from the store with a new couch on pre-order! :)

We had a cabin overnight and at the camping we played some minigolf and had some really good pizza.

Well, the dear husband had some difficulties :)

The park had one of Swedens biggest waterpark! It was huge and had so many slides and other funstuff! Unfortunatly the water was rather cold so we didn´t spend as much time here as we wanted.

The rides were the best! Not to bad not to whimpy!

A family shot after a fun day!

Now i want to start making something with all the photos i took! I feel a minialbum coming on...

3 kommentarer:

  1. I love these pics! Very creative.

  2. oh my gosh, fabulous weekend. thanks for sharing all your great pictures. such happy times :)

  3. I am after a couch, exactly like that one - I love it :)

    I am constantly amazed by your photos and how creative and clear they are, cannot wait to see what you do with them :)