torsdag 31 juli 2008

Q & A

So, yep here is the Q & A post today. I love when people ask me questions about me or my life or my crafting! Here we go!

Karine asked me about my blog banners. Well, Karine thank you so much for your kind words. I make my blog banners in Photoshop with a little help of a few digital kits and stuff like that. Then I just upload the image as a blog banner.

Mel asked about where the butterflies in this post come from. They are from a company called Karen-Marie Klip & Papir A/S. It is a danish company. If you google it you might find a few places online where you can get them!

Gretchen Owens asked if the wonderful lovely kitchen at the bottom of this post is mine…all I can say: I WISH! Haha.

Heather asked if I live on an island…for real! Yup, I do. We moved to this small island 14 km lone and 3 km wide 6 years ago. It is heaven on earth! I tell a little about the island in this post

The author alittlebitofscrap asked me if I laid the leaf bottom side up on top of the sand when I made this project and the answer is NO. You just lay the leafs “upside” down on the sand.
And i scrapbooked today too!

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