måndag 25 augusti 2008

project random

I busted out my sewing machine for yet another project! Yay me!
My daughters birthday is coming up this weekend and i wanted to make her a "soulemama" inspired gratitude wrap. Her best friend is moving away and they have decided to be penpals, which i think is a very good idea. So i made her a place to keep her stationary.

I chose a jean fabric and a yellow cotton one. I sewed the two fabrics together, which is where i made my first mistake :) Since i wanted the wrap to acctually hold stuff the pockets would have been super to have been sewed on before i sewed everything together :)

Anyway, since i had already messed up, i just went with the flow. I went on and added some padding.

I acctually wanted to make some fabric pockets, but since the above, i resorted to plastic. I found some scrap page protectors, one larger which now holds the acctual papers and envelopes and one smaller to hold stickers and stamps. The smaller one i sewed right in the middle to create 2 pockets. Then i just handstitched them both so the inside of the wrap.

As the wrap came together, i added a felt butterfly on the inside and a felt flower to the front as decoration.

To tie the wrap together, i simply tied a knot with a felted ribbon. Voila!
Haha, i guess it turned out ok, but i think i will make some more as pratice, because i think this would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

The second project i made this weekend, was highly inspired by something i had seen on flickr somewhere.

As i am a stone collector it was a pure joy for me to pick some smooth stones at the lake this week. I took them home and painted the first step; black. I use ordinary craft paint for this so it doesn´t take all that long for the paint to dry. Then i painted the "center" of the stones in different colors and after that i used a q-tip to make the dots. The finishing touch was to add positive words to the stones; love, hug, yes!, lovely etc. Now, i think i will just use them as a decoration like below, on a glass plate or maybe give one or two as a gift for someone that needs some encouragement.

I like the colors and the messages!

What did you make this weekend?

5 kommentarer:

  1. Love that pouch!!
    And your rocks are so cute ;o)

  2. cute cute!

    i've painted rocks before, but they weren't that cute! i'm definitely going to try painting them black first! :)

  3. That was fantastic!!!
    I think you did a great job.
    It is super cute!!!
    There are no mistakes...only embellishment opportunities!!

  4. From one soulemama to another that is a super cool pouch! Just fantastic. You make me want to learn how to sew. Love the rocks too

  5. UMM I am sooo lovin that .. I might have to add that etsy to my bomb azz etsy blog roll .. love it