onsdag 27 augusti 2008

a new mini

yesterday morning my daughter bursted into tears before going to school. She was so afraid of being late and getting yelled at by the teacher! (we are having a talk with the said teacher tomorrow!). We felt bad for her having such a bad start of the day, so we planned on having a picnic on the beach. Raining? Yup, you bet! It was lovely :) We had such a special family moment! After eating our picnic at the beach me and my daughter took a walk down the beach to search for nice stones (we are both collectors!). We found a very cool spot under a tree where she decided on making a sand castle!
So, i was just itching to make a minibook with the photos we took! The other day i finally scored on some bookrings, so i used 2 to make this book.

I love the look of scalloped edges and wanted to use some in this project. I don´t acctually own so many scalloped papers, but i had one diecut that i used as a template to make more :) So i picked out some papers and got cutting.

one of my favorite photos ♥

As i print all my photos at home, i sometimes have to use photo paper with some kind of print on the backside. I used a few circle stickers to hide those prints here.

This project is a hybrid one. I printed a few things on transperency as this frame. The frame is in a digital kit by Rhonna Fharrer. I opened the frame in PS and resized it and added my text before printing it out.

Here is one of the scalloped papers i cut out of my patterned paper stash. The little birdie stamp is a favorite and i think it is Heidi Grace (?)

This right hand photo might be considered as the Christmas 08 card :)

The weekdays here are from this free digital kit.

I love the result, but i love the memory of this wonderful afternoon more :)

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  1. OH I feeling so sad for your daughter. Sil had a yelling teachter too, I wish you good luck with the talk today and I love how you're making an efford to let her have a great family afternoon...
    GREAT minibook by the way ;)

    XOXO Inge

  2. Great mini book! Godd luck with that teacher.

  3. i am in love with your mini-book! wonderful job. :D

  4. what a great way to turn the day around. :)

  5. Love it! Love the scalloped edges! It turned out great!
    Want to picnic a.s.a.p! :D

  6. José (its a Dutch Girlsname!)28 augusti 2008 10:48

    Oh: i forgot to type after my name:

    José (It's a Dutch Girlsname!) LOL!

  7. Love, Love, Love this! I hope everything goes well with the teacher.. that can be a real pain!