tisdag 3 juni 2008

still on overdrive :)

i am still on a high after the announcment on scrapjacked :) I am so happy about all the really cool layouts the ladies have made! And apparently "iRock" because Stacy Fike thinks so :) So i just had to "jack" myself and make this


Acctually i have scrapped a few layouts since last time. I just had to record Dixons first day with us. There is hidden journaling behind all the photos.

And I can´t belive that I haven´t made a layout about my love for thrift shops and yard sales! So, i took a photo at a yard sale i attended last saturday.

I am really loving the red cardstock as a background on this, so I used the same one this next one. It gives a warm and nice feeling to it. I love these photos that I used here. They are my new fave!

I took all of my older scrap magazines out with me to the garden and started going through them and ripping out the ideas I like. I have saved magazines from 2004! It was so time for a "throw out" session!

I had alot of the "old" Memory Makers magazines, but I didn´t save almost anything from them. Nor from the "new" Memory Makers...I guess I am much more of a Scrapbook etc. kind of girl! And I would have been a "Simple Scrapbooks" girl if we had that magazine for sale in Sweden...And it was very much fun to see how the scrapbook trends have gone forward and evolved so much just during the last cuple of years!

Ok, gotta go and make dinner :)


2 kommentarer:

  1. Hey, Congrats!!! on the Scrapjack :) Yay!! and you deserve it. I think you rock too. Love your style!!

  2. Alltid lika inspirerande layouter! :)