måndag 16 juni 2008

etsy love

So, if you all remember back in the day I opened an etsy. Then after about 15 sales of my own papers I let the shop rest. Now, i have been inspired to re-open it again. To begin with I have made handmade notebooks/minis that I have listed already in the shop. I want the products to be real simple and not finished, if that makes any sense. I mean that if you buy anything from the shop i want you to make it yours. The minis are just a canvas that can be turned into what ever you want it to be. I have used the minis for all kinds of things...for Valentines this year I made them into love books. As I said I am beginning with the notebooks/minis but I intend to make more things similar in the very near future. Oh, can´t you be so kind to leave a comment on what you would like to see in the shop! That would be fun!

Sunday there was a lovely summer rain...and it made me so insanly happy :) I walked out in the garden and just embraces the waterdrops falling on my face. It smelled so nice and felt wonderful! I even set up a set of photos of rain in my flickr gallery :) As I live in Sweden and anyone else that lived here last summer know that you have to learn to like the rain in the summertime :)

Hope that you all have a wonderful monday!

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  1. I esp like the last photo, you can see the raindrop plop down into the water. I love the rain! Lovely items in the etsy too!