söndag 8 juni 2008


i am back from reality :) it is nice to take a break from this internet world sometimes, even though i don´t have anything against it at all. i have gotten to know so many good people through this forum.
Anyhow, this has been my reality lately.
Friday was
Swedens nationalday and we had a free day. So, me and my daughter went to my sisters house for some goood pizza and spend the night.

We took a quick turn into IKEA and at the sales corner I saw this lovely painting. I had to take a photo of it because i didn´t buy it, i am going to use it as inspiration when i paint my own :) But if you want to buy it, just follow the link above :)

Saturday morning, bright and early!, we took a drive down to Gothenburg and attended these two´s baptism. A warm and quite messy event :) The temperature was an all time high and the church was so full! My heart melts everytime I see this sight.

My daughter and her little cousin loving eachother ♥

I just had to take a photo of the candy bag we had as cargoodies :)

Oh, and thursday we all took a trip to the public pool where I acctually did go in 3 times! I hate going into cold water, but as I went in the lifeguard informed me that the water held a lovely 29 degress celcius. And i snapped a few photos of my fish for a daughter :)

And ofcourse i took like a gazillion new photos of my neices :) but I am saving them for some layouts.

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