onsdag 18 juni 2008

a lot can happen on a 7 am walk...

As i am the last to walk out the door for work everyday, i take the dogs on their morning walk. We usually end up on a beach somewhere and today was no exception. But to get there we had to walk past a greenery full of calves :) Yup! So, as we walk up to it the calves just peek at us and one runs up to the fence. Dixon is playing all cool and blows him self up :) So the calf stands there and Dixon on the other side and all is fine...

Well, meet baby calf´s friends :)

Yup! Scared the s*** out of Dixon :) Haha...you can´t tell out of the photo but he had like a 35 calves entourage :)

I was laughing so hard. It sure woke me up :) I thought they were cute though!

I used a fake "through the view finder" thingy here. I think it looks cool :)

I am starting my vacation on friday and I am so sad about the yoga class being cancelled...I was so looking forward to a whole week of just yoga...Ok, so i decided to try to take some alone time anyway...i am starting out reading the SLOW book again...i sure helps me relax! And Amanda Soule recommended the book "I love dirt" so i got that too, she has good book taste :)

Then i hope to do alot of walking in the forest and see sights like this...

Well, i am going to leave it at that while i go on to whatch more of Jeff Dunham on youtube :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. those cow pictures are TOO FUNNY! :)

  2. Love the pictures and the cows are too cute. I love the last pic of the cow. Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Härliga bilder!
    Vad synd att yogan blev inställd...
    Hoppas att du får ut mycket av böckerna istället...
    Vad skönt att börja semester, jag har två veckor kvar...längtar...
    Vi höres!